NewsCast is a communication agency that allows brands to achieve maximum visibility on the market, through multi-channel strategies, planned and developed to create the right brand identity.

Tailor-made solutions for every need.

Thanks to qualified professionals and a network of specialized consultants in Italy and abroad, NewsCast acts as a hub for an integrated and effective communication, in line with the Vision and Mission of the customer.


Notoriety of the brand and its products, solutions and initiatives through the organisation of interviews, drafting and distribution of press releases to journalists in targets with objectives.


Positioning of the brand (and its products) inside consumer minds, based on distinction for unique characteristics and values linked to it, compared to competitors.


Design and development of an editorial plan and advertising campaigns to enhance the fanbase, with the aim of finalizing the engagement process through dedicated Call-to-Action.

Development and management of direct marketing strategies (DEM) with the aim of implementing relations between brands and stakeholders (B2B and B2C).

Integration of Landing Page or Mini Site dedicated to product/event.


Works with influencers and bloggers to amplify brand awareness, stimulating their followers to try out experiences and products, because of their authority in the target sector.

Creation and mangement of the event in every detail, with customized and innovative solutions in line with the client’s targets: from the choice of location to invitations and reception.


Founded in 1989 with the name of Cast Adv, NewsCast is the natural evolution of the agency that has followed communication changes.


Daily contacts with journalists, bloggers and influencers, in addition with thirty years of experience, give NewsCast an acknoledgment on the content proposed.


NewsCast supports companies in the conception, design and development of graphic content for online and offline communication channels, in compliance with corporate identity.


Worldwide PR Network

NewsCast cooperates with communication agencies around the world, coordinating communication in any country and language, acting as a communication hub.


Through a wide network of companies and professionals, NewsCast identifies opportunities for co-branding initiatives in line with the client’s targets.


NewsCast plans strategic advertising campaigns, using a wide range of promotional media and tools, able to convey the company’s image in a distinctive and characteristic way.


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